Dayna's Weaving


What fun textures and color choices! Awesome!

Phyllis Vaughn's Tapestry Weavings

From Phyllis,

I've never woven in my life but bought one of your looms. (For a friend, but I may keep it and order her another!). Here is a photo of my very first weaving I did today. It is FAR from perfect. But, I had fun. Will do another one tomorrow!! Still learning. Phyllis Vaughn

Jay T Allen's Newest Creation


From Jay,

This is similar to the picture of my other bracelet you have on your Inspirations page. The difference here is that this represents two cords, one on each side of the beads. I still did the suede as a gimp cord but I also used a gimp cord on the side, which is how I attached the wooden beads. I also wove some string along both sides of the beads, which is what I used for the loop clasp.

Tapestry Weavings created by Laura Norris

From Laura Norris
I so love coming to my loom to create. The quality craftsmanship of the loom is inspiring in itself! I had the opportunity to purchase my loom and tools and meet you guys at this years Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. I am in the process of selling my weavings. Here are some pictures of the finished weavings.

How awesome is that?! Thank you for sharing what you made and for the inspiration!

Instagram Inspiration Gallery

New kitchen towels in Granny Smith green and unbleached cottons.

Curved Naalbinding Needle and sample of Naalbinding.

Lap Loom and weaving with Tapestry Bobbins

Thank you to all that have taken the time to share projects. It means so much for us to see what you make with our tools.

Lea Stern's Photos from Guatemala

From Lea Stern
This is Vilma. She and her sister Elda weave in this courtyard every day. I brought them 4 of your shuttles and they were thrilled to have such beautiful tools.

Thank you for bringing the shuttles to Guatemala and sharing your story!

Alta Oswald's lucet projects

From Alta,
Dear Stephen and Linda,
My name is Alta Oswald and I bought a lucet. You asked me to send you a picture when I was finished with it. In the first two pictures, the yarn is from you with the special amount of dye.  For the bowls I used some wool from my cousin’s sheep. Using your videos online, I made two dog leashes and I’m working on my third.
Thank you so much for this great tool/toy. 
 Sincerely,  Alta
Awesome Job! Thanks for sharing!

Vickie Watts Latest Tapestry Weaving


From Vickie - I want to share with you the newest project off my tapestry loom.  I do so enjoy the loom and each project to come off is my new favorite. I also used my lucet to make the cord to hang the weaving.  And yes, that is a snake skin you see on the tree

Kristina's Lucet Rug


Kristina's rug won first place at Fiber Frolic in Maine! What an awesome job she did making a rug with her lucet. Congratulations on First Place!

Jay T. Allen's Newest Lucet Creation

From Jay Allen, I just wanted to share the newest thing I made with my lucet. It's a bracelet made from string and a strip of suede.

The blue and white cords were made by Jay with a four pronged lucet. Perhaps we will think about developing a new four pronged lucet...

How awesome is that?! Thank you for sharing what you made and for the inspiration!

Rae's Unique Tapestry Weaving

This is certainly one of the most unique tapestry weavings we have seen! Thank you for sharing with us!