Kristina's Lucet Rug


Kristina's rug won first place at Fiber Frolic in Maine! What an awesome job she did making a rug with her lucet. Congratulations on First Place!

Jay T. Allen's Newest Lucet Creation

From Jay Allen, I just wanted to share the newest thing I made with my lucet. It's a bracelet made from string and a strip of suede.

The blue and white cords were made by Jay with a four pronged lucet. Perhaps we will think about developing a new four pronged lucet...

How awesome is that?! Thank you for sharing what you made and for the inspiration!

Rae's Unique Tapestry Weaving

This is certainly one of the most unique tapestry weavings we have seen! Thank you for sharing with us!

@ramboruns Lap Loom in Action


We love getting the chance to see our tools in use! That certainly does look relaxing, thanks for sharing @ramboruns.

Roxanne's Weaving

Roxanne's use of different materials in this weaving is truly inspirational. Check out that stick she chose for the top of her weaving! Thanks for sharing.

Instagram Inspiration Gallery

Thank you to all that have taken the time to share projects. It truly means the world for us to see what you make with our tools.

BravenRaven's Custom Shoe Laces

Check out these amazing colorful shoe laces that BravenRaven made for her Vans. You can check out other projects she has made on her instagram account: @bravenravenfiberarts

Cori's Shakespearean Lacing

WOW! These handcrafted Shakespeare costumes are just amazing and Cori's contribution is nothing short of beautiful. The lacing that she made with her lucet is authentic to the time period and really TIES the costume together.  

Liz Henry's Weaving

What a great idea! Liz used our lucet to make cord that she incorporated in her weaving with her SAORI loom. She also used regular yarn and some grapevines. How cool is that?! Thank you for sharing what you made and for the inspiration!

Vickie's Tapestry Weavings

We met Vickie a few years ago at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, where she purchased one of our tapestry looms. And...WOW! Look at what she has done! She has incorporated so many cool things, rocks, bark, curved sticks and so much more! Thanks for inspiring us!

Barb's Corded Necklace

Barb was kind enough to share these images with us on Twitter. Check out how amazing this necklace came out. Thanks for the inspiration Barb!

Tapestry Weavings

Here is a collection of weavings that were created on our Tapestry Loom. They were created by myself, Linda, my daughter, son and my niece. We typically bring these with us to our shows as samples to inspire some creativity in the people passing through our booth. We hope that you enjoy them!