"Where I am, is where I would go, if I wasn't here."

My name is Stephen Willette and I am truly blessed to get up each day and do the work I am called to do. I am extremely happy to have the support, inspiration and encouragement of my wife, Linda.

Becoming a state juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen was accomplishment which I am very proud of.

For over 40 Years I have handcrafted furniture and cabinets using time honored methods that will last for generations. I enjoy working with my hands and the creative process of seeing raw materials develop into something that is beautiful and functional. The natural beauty of the wood never ceases to amaze me and I enjoy using different woods to contrast and complement each other. When I work with wood I am reminded of my responsibility to use the wood respectfully and wisely, understanding the need to sustain our natural resources. As a second generation woodworker, I have had the benefit of growing up around tools and wood and learned to use them at a very young age.

I have a dovetail saw in my shop that was handcrafted in Maine. It is one of the finest tools that I own. I reference that tool because of the quality and craftsmanship that went into its creation. I can feel as well as see the value of how it was made. I am inspired to work at a level that is worthy of such a fine tool. It is this feeling that I hope to inspire in the people who use my tools for their craft. 

I am also inspired by where we live. Bennington, NH - is a quintessential small New England town. Our house, built in the late 1700s, is at the base of Crotchet mountain, nestled beside the Contoocook river. The rail road runs right beside our house and shop offering town hiking trails in the Edes Forest. There is a view of the mountain, the river, town hall, fire station, and church steeple from my shop window. Who could ask for a better place to live and work.